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valued at $23,330.34  

Domain Could be YOURS!

I have decided to sell my domain and am offering it to my list first.

This is your opportunity to snatch a piece of prime real estate that you can either FLIP immediately for a quick profit, or you can keep hold of it and an investment, as the value of domains (especially 5 letter .com domains) will only go one way and that is up!

Only One Lucky Buyer Can Grab This

If you would like to take full advantage of this crazy offer then please hit the Buy Button right now to avoid disappointment!

Premium Domain Name

You get the premium Domain Name,

This is a rare 5 letter .com domain, and is “sayable”.  A savvy investment, or a quick flip opportunity.

Professional Logo

You get the rights to the logo as you see on this site.

You can sell the brand as well as the domain name.  Or you can keep both and use them yourself!


You get this website!  Ready to go, this professionally designed site is also yours to sell or to keep, along with the domain name!

Awesome Opportunity

Just think what you could do with this domain!

Pixza is a word you can say.   The perfect branding opportunity.  A new business looking for a strong identity would be the perfect customer for this!

For You?

You might want to use this for you!

Because the word Pizxa is a strong brand word, you could use this domain for many things!  For yourself, or to sell on.



Or perhaps do a little research and see who this could be a perfect fit for!

Pizxa….perfect for the pizzeria who wants to stand out from the crowd!  Or just a brand name that is easily remembered.

This could be perfect for the restaurant trade, ecom sites….so many opportunities!

Some statistics…

A wonderful opportunity to invest in a piece of internet real estate at a fraction of it’s value, securing you a deal with complete peace of mind.

First Registered 9 Years Ago!

Only FIVE Letters

Value in Dollars

Slices of Pizza Eaten Per Second

Who Will Grab This?

This domain has been estimated to be valued at approximately $23,330

You can buy the domain name now for just $197 (a saving of $23,133), and I will throw in the professional logo, complete with commercial rights (so you can sell it and keep all the money), and the website for you to develop, or the buyer to use if you sell it on!

Included in this deal for $197…


If you have a Godaddy account already I will push straight to it after purchase. If you don’t, you just need to set up a free account. Simple 🙂. If you want the domain pushed to an account other than Godaddy, depending on when the sale is made you may have to wait a maximum of 60 days. In this instance, I recommend you set up a free Godaddy account so I can push to your account right away.

Please note, valuations are estimates only.  It’s almost impossible to give a totally accurate valuation of a domain, as it’s down to what somebody is prepared to pay for it.  We feel, given our research, that this is a very sound investment, but your results may vary.

Official Appraisal Certificate Included

I paid for this appraisal certificate, and I’m including that too!

This will make it super easy for you to sell this domain on fast, and for an enormous profit!

WARNING: This Offer Will Expire In…

“I’m selling this domain at a drastically reduced price for a quick sale.  Someone on my list is going to get the deal of the century”

Trevor C

Internet Marketer, Phlos

“The domain is worth over $22k, but I’m selling the domain, the logo AND the website for just $197 with FULL RESALE rights.  The buyer will be able to turn a fast profit!”

Trevor C

Internet Marketer, Phlos

Buy It Now!

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” H. Jackson Brown, Jr.